FocusHGK partners and staff have extensive experience in performing assurance engagements and providing technical and quality control monitoring services.

We provide advice and assistance to accounting firms on how to establish, maintain and monitor their systems of quality control. This includes:

  • The design and implementation of an effective quality control monitoring and remediation process
  • Preparing for practice Inspection (provincial or CPAB)
  • Perform engagement quality control reviews (ECQR’s)
  • Performing the yearly inspection of firm level quality controls
  • Inspecting completed files;
  • Providing recommendations and action plans on how to improve engagement efficiency and
  • Preparing the Firm’s annual practice improvement plan

Quality control inspections often identify areas where partners and staff need additional training.

In conjunction with FocusCPD we can design and present specialized training courses that addresses specific issues raised and the ongoing needs of firm personnel.

Our experienced team will provide research and sound technical advice upon request. Simply call or send us an email with the scope of the issue and we will provide an estimate on the time we need to respond.

Every firm is encouraged to develop a continuous improvement plan. Such plans focus on improving engagement quality, training needs and opportunities for streamlining work and reducing wasted time.

Based on our services performed and discussions with partners and staff we are well placed to develop action plans that will result in continuous improvement and excellent engagement performance for the firm.