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This enables you to gain a competitive advantage. provides verifiable continuing professional development for CPA’s.  Brought to you by highly respected practitioners, our on-demand courses are available 24/7 for both personal and classroom presentations.

Assurance standards continue to evolve with an aim to align the perception of the practitioner’s responsibilities by users and the professional standards.  This means that partners and staff need to:

  • understand and comply with the increasingly complex professional standards;
  • keep up-to-date with changes to the standards; and
  • apply the standards using efficient methodology, particularly in relation to small and medium sized entities.

Accounting standards are becoming more complex than ever.  This means that partners and staff need to:

  • understand the accounting standards; and
  • apply the standards to the financial statements of private enterprises and for not-for-profit entities.

Practitioners are trusted advisors to their clients. This almost always involve complex tax matters. Partners and staff need up-to-date tax information on relevant topics to:

  • understand and comply with the requirements; and,
  • keep informed about changes and their impact on tax compliance and planning.

CPAs need skills that extend beyond just the technical requirements. Learn how to utilize other skills to increase your performance and succeed in an ever-changing world. Leadership can make all the difference between a successful firm and one that struggles.

Leveraging the insights of the FocusROI authors, Focus on Forms is a video series detailing how to complete the most commonly used forms in the Professional Engagement Guide.  Focus on Forms is available for both audit and review engagement forms.