452 Scarborough Golf Club Road, #415


452 Scarborough Golf Club Road, #415



Gemma Zecchini

Formerly President & CEO
Refreshments Canada

“Stuart Hartley embodies the best of the consulting profession — fulfilling the role of the trusted advisor and seasoned trouble-shooter who understands the levers that affect my business and my clients’ business. That’s what getting value from human capital means.”

Gerry Organ

Formerly Executive Director

“Integrity and fervency are two characteristics that describe the attributes of Stuart Hartley. He is able to combine articulate analysis with a competent, caring approach to each situation. He will bring balance and perspective to your work environment providing you and your staff the opportunity to achieve your goals.”

Cec Fleming

Formerly FCA & CEO
BDO International, Brussels

“Stuart Hartley was very instrumental in the introduction of the CaseWare software to the BDO international network. He conducted training courses around the world in the effective use of the software and the techniques to develop country- specific templates. His contribution in this respect was invaluable.”

Wayne A. Kolins

Formerly CPA, National Director of Assurance Services
BDO Seidman LLP, New York

“I have worked with Stuart Hartley for many years and have found him to be one of the most creative people I know.”

Bill Sedgwick

Sedgwick & Company Inc.

“I have always been able to rely on Stuart for fresh thinking and innovative ideas. His enthusiasm is infectious but he remains focused on improving business results.”

Irwin M. Jarett

Formerly CPA, Chairman
Tomorrow’s Software LL, Chicago

“I have worked with Stuart for the past decade. I have never known anyone as honest and forthright in his dealings with clients, partners and family. He is an extraordinarily competent technologist who can mesh technology with common sense and uncommon management acumen. I know he will be successful and make a lot of clients a lot of money!!”

Bruce Rivers

Formerly Executive Director
The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

“As past Treasurer and Board member of one of Canada’s largest child welfare organizations, Stuart Hartley has acquired an indepth knowledge and understanding of the ‘not for profit’ sector, government processes and public accountability. His business acumen, integrity and ongoing pursuit of excellence permeate both his volunteer and business commitment.”

Paulette Vinette

Formerly CAE, President
Solution Studio Inc

“Stuart provided strategic analysis and recommendation to several various-sized organizations I led over the past decade. He is always ahead of his clients finding innovative and able-to-implement approaches that support the core objective. This in-demand skill set is augmented by his elegant and compassionate demeanour. My final score: 12/10.”

Andrew Woolfson

Formerly Director of Knowledge Management
BDO Stoy Hayward, London

“I have worked with Stuart on a major international strategic internet development, for a global professional services firm. Its success is a testament to Stuart’s vision, perseverance and attention to keeping the project focused.”